Crystalyx Lasts Longer

Crystalyx Lasts Longer

With raw material and feed costs at an all-time high, farmers are bracing themselves for an expensive winter.

Grass and conserved home-grown forages are the cheapest feeds for livestock – but they are so much more valuable when digested more efficiently and supplemented to balance and cancel out any nutritional deficiencies.

Crystalyx does the job – and we have the research, knowledge and experience to back our products.

Crystalyx is a dehydrated molasses-based feed lick, which means it not-only balances the nutritional deficiencies in forages but makes the rumen bugs work a little harder and more efficiently at digesting the forage and releasing more nutrition for the farm livestock.

Crystalyx may not be the cheapest product per tonne on the market, but due to its hard crystalline structure, it doesn’t break up in bad weather and livestock can only lick it, not chew and bite it. This means that Crystalyx intakes are lower than other products (up to 3x lower), so whilst other products might be cheaper per tonne, their higher daily intake by stock means the cost per animal per day is actually much higher than Crystalyx.

Some competitors argue that the low intakes achieved with Crystalyx can’t possibly be of any value to livestock. Our independent university research results tell a very different story!

Studies undertaken at Newcastle and Aberystwyth universities showed that ewes flushed on autumn grass and supplemented with Crystalyx Extra High Energy gained more weight faster and had 12-20% higher lamb numbers at scanning than control ewes on good grass alone. Crystalyx intakes averaged 35-50g/ewe/day in the studies. This compares to some other feed licks that have recommended intakes of up to 150g/ewe/day.

The research further showed that with continued access to Crystalyx Extra High Energy throughout mid-pregnancy, ewes maintained better body condition right up to lambing, so they were able to milk better for improved lamb performance on spring grass.

When it comes to giving value for money, Crystalyx is not only one of the cheapest products to feed (from as little as 5p ewe/day), it has been proven time and time again to deliver exceptional animal performance!