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Tuesday, 21st May – NSA Welsh Sheep (Crystalyx Workshop) – Glynllifon Agricultural College, Caernarfon

Crystalyx Extra High Energy

“What Does Research Prove” Times: 11am – 11.30am and 2pm – 2.30pm Caltech Crystalyx Technical Director Dr Cliff Lister discusses the value of independent research. Independent research proves the true value of a product, free from prejudice and external influence. Crystalyx products are backed up by decades of scientific research, continually proving that Crystalyx offer […]

Pre-Calving Nutritional Advice

Crystalyx Pre-Calver, molasses feed mineral cattle lick

Pre-Calving Nutritional Advice The key to successful calving is cow condition. Cows should be fit – not fat – when they calve down, ideally a condition score in the range 2.5-3 at calving. Overfatness comes from over feeding in late lactation or the early dry period. Cows should be at the target calving condition when […]

Crystalyx Launch New Products for Changing Markets

Crystalyx Sheep Beet Balancer

In a step to address the changing requirements of livestock farmers, Crystalyx, the UK’s leading feed block supplier, has developed two new products; Crystalyx Sheep Beet Balancer and Crystalyx Beet Balancer, formulated to specifically balance diets high in brassicas and fodder beet. Crystalyx Sheep Beet Balancer is designed to complement a high brassica diet, and […]