Is Your View On Ruminant Supplementation Balanced?

Is Your View On Ruminant Supplementation Balanced?

Author: Dr Richard Wynn, Head of Technical at Carrs Agriculture The importance of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins in every living function has been long understood. There are fifteen essential macro minerals and trace elements that are ‘required for life’ and vital for animal performance. The agricultural sector has taken huge strides forward in precisely […]

Get Ready For Turnout With Crystalyx

Magnesium for cows

Turning stock out to grass in spring comes as a relief to many farmers, but animal performance and health can suffer if stock are not maintained on a nutritionally balanced diet. Careful supplementation at grass can be catalyst for enhanced animal performance and improved profitability. Crystalyx Cattle High-Mag, Crystalyx Cattle Booster and Crystalyx Garlyx offer […]

New Lifelong Approach To Dairy Efficiency

Crystalyx Heifer 730

The team at Crystalyx have used their 40 years’ experience in UK ruminant agriculture to develop the first range of feed blocks specifically formulated for dairy systems from calf rearing through to milking cows. “Feed blocks are well established as an effective method of supplementing beef and sheep to optimise performance and margins,” comments Crystalyx […]

Demand for Crystalyx Extra High Energy Feed Buckets Continues to Grow Throughout Ireland

Increasing numbers of flockowners across the island of Ireland are regularly using Crystalyx Extra High Energy feed tubs to ensure that body condition is fully maintained on ewes in the run-up to lambing. In tandem with this trend is a matching recognition that this unique source of supplementary nutrition can be used to boost ovulation […]

Dairy Herd Fertility and Milk Uplifts After Crystalyx Introduced

Offering dry cows and in-calf heifers free-access feed licks has lifted fertility and early lactation milk yields in a high performing Pembrokeshire dairy herd, with cows producing in excess of 40 litres within 10 days of calving. Mark and Caroline Davies milk 250 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows in a robotic system at Newhouse Farm, Little Newcastle. […]

Richaven Holsteins: Breeding For Success With Crystalyx

Crystalyx Richaven Holsteins

Simple approach delivers exceptional results from top quality genetics. Complexity and high-cost systems are not a prerequisite for milking some of the best cows in the country as Richard and Dawn Bown, their son Daniel and daughter Hannah are showing at Northfield Farm in Hanley Castle near Worcester. When they formed the Richaven herd in […]

Crystalyx Lasts Longer

Crystalyx Lasts Longer

With raw material and feed costs at an all-time high, farmers are bracing themselves for an expensive winter. Grass and conserved home-grown forages are the cheapest feeds for livestock – but they are so much more valuable when digested more efficiently and supplemented to balance and cancel out any nutritional deficiencies. Crystalyx does the job […]

Act Now to Prevent Summer Mastitis

Summer mastitis predominantly occurs during the warm summer months with cattle out at pasture. The disease changes little over the years, affecting the same farms year after year and often just certain fields on those farms. The disease affects non-lactating cows, but can also affect replacement heifers, leading to devastating consequences. Very few affected quarters […]

Dry Cow Nutritional Advice

Milk fever (parturient hypocalcaemia) means a lowering of blood calcium levels around the time of calving. Lack of calcium results in a loss of muscle activity with symptoms of milk fever being a lack of muscle function. A cow with milk fever, won’t respond fully to calcium injections unless her magnesium status is satisfactory. Why? […]