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Tuesday, 21st May – NSA Welsh Sheep (Crystalyx Workshop) – Glynllifon Agricultural College, Caernarfon

Crystalyx Extra High Energy

“What Does Research Prove” Times: 11am – 11.30am and 2pm – 2.30pm Caltech Crystalyx Technical Director Dr Cliff Lister discusses the value of independent research. Independent research proves the true value of a product, free from prejudice and external influence. Crystalyx products are backed up by decades of scientific research, continually proving that Crystalyx offer […]

Spring Turnout – Supplementing lactating cattle with magnesium

Magnesium for cows

SPRING TURNOUT – THE NEED FOR MAGNESIUM Although the annual rate of hypomagnesaemia/staggers/tetany (low blood magnesium) in UK dairy cows is less then 1%, one third of affected cows will die. These clinical cases are the tip of the iceberg; the rest of the group may also be sub-clinically affected. Hypomagnesaemia remains one of the […]

Improve Cattle Performance at Grass

How to Improve Cattle Performance at Grass With Research Proven Crystalyx Crystalyx Cattle Booster, feeding youngstock at grass. Grass is still the cheapest available feed for cattle and is capable of sustaining good levels of animal performance. However grass alone provides an inconsistent source of nutrients and without a balanced nutrient intake, feed digestion and […]