Rearing Dairy Calves Successfully

Crystalyx Calf 100

Rearing replacement heifers accounts for approx. 20% of farm production costs and is the second largest expense after the cost of feed for the milking herd.

Calfhood diseases have a major impact on rearing economics and can also have long-term effects on performance. Optimal calf health pre-weaning, putting an emphasis on prevention rather than cure, limits the need for subsequent intervention, particularly for diseases of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, because neonatal calf diarrhoea and pneumonia are the two biggest challenges to successful calf rearing worldwide.

Developing A Strong Immune System Is Key

The calf needs a strong immune system to help minimise disease challenges. Colostrum feeding is essential to give calves the best start in life but as the benefit of colostrum wanes, calves must develop a strong, functional immune system before the transition from milk-feeding to post-weaning. Promoting early development of the calf’s digestive system is key because 70% of the body’s immune defence resides in the gastrointestinal tract. A healthy gut not only offers the best barrier to infection, but also ensures feed digestion is maximised.

Crystalyx Calf 100: For Calves Under 100 Days Of Age

Crystalyx Calf 100 contains butyrate which helps initiate then stimulate development of the rumen epithelium, enhancing starter feed intakes so calves are better able to withstand the stress of weaning. The presence of a prebiotic containing MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) and beta-glucans reduces pathogen challenge in the gut by preventing them sticking to the intestinal wall and stimulates the immune system to provide a stronger defence against further challenges. Independent trials with over 350 calves, have shown an 8.5% increase in starter feed intakes and a 5% increase in growth rates pre-weaning.

Crystalyx Calf 100 for Dairy Calves

Crystalyx Easy Breather: Natural Aid For Maintaing A Healthy Respiratory System

Crystalyx Easy Breather contains active decongestants to help reduce coughing and respiratory irritation together with the same prebiotic as in Calf 100 to help reduce pathogen challenge in the gut and stimulate the immune system, helping alleviate stress and respiratory challenges.

Crystalyx Easy Breather for young calves and heifers