Summer mastitis – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Crystalyx Garlyx

The fly season is in full swing and with it comes the very real threat of breeding heifers and dry cows succumbing to Summer Mastitis. All it takes is a single incursion by an infected fly into the teat canal of a cow or heifer to create the problem. The end result is the severe reduction of an affected animal to produce milk throughout all her future lactations and her significantly reduced monetary value as a breeding animal.

Prevention is always better than cure and, in this regard, it is significant that increasing numbers of dairy farmers are turning to the proven, fly-repellent properties of garlic when it comes to ensuring that their dry cows and heifers get through the months of July and August without contracting Summer Mastitis.

The problem is most apparent in fields with high hedges, trees and adjacent standing water. It all adds up to the perfect breeding ground for flies. 

Trials have confirmed the benefits of using Crystalyx Garlyx blocks as a means of keeping flies at bay while cattle and sheep of all ages are at grass. What’s more, the blocks also act as valuable feed sources, allowing stock to maximise the nutritional value of the grass they are grazing.

Crystalyx Garlyx Improves Performance

In a recent farm visit we found out exactly what farmers think of Crystalyx Garlyx and the benefits the product brings to their farms.

John Dwyer milks 160 February/March calving cows at Balytrasna, Co Tipperary. He is in the process of building cow numbers up to 200 head, so keeping all his replacement heifers as healthy as possible is critically important for the business.

“We were at 90 cows before the ending of quotas,” he said.

“Last year, the milking group averaged 480 kilos of milk solids from 750 kilos of meal. This year, the herd production average is likely to hit 500 kilos of milk solids. I use a mix of Friesian and some Jersey AI bulls on the herd.”

John confirmed that problems with Summer Mastitis affecting in-calf heifers would have been an issue in the past. He explained:

“I now put Crystalyx Garylx feed blocks out with these animals as a matter of course. And it is an approach that has worked for me. Summer Mastitis has not been an issue since I started using Crystalyx Garlyx.

Crystalyx Garlyx Reduces Issues Of Summer Mastitis

Eamon Morrissey milks 200 spring calving cows at Kilsallagh, near Fethard in Co Tipperary. His plan is to increase the size of the herd to 300 cows over the next couple of years. The milking group is currently averaging 1,700 gallons from 750 kilos of meal.

“I have just over 80 heifers in two groups on the farm at the present time. They were synchronised and inseminated on the same day with sexed semen a few weeks ago. The follow-up scanning confirmed that 95% of the animals conceived to first service.

“As a consequence, they should all calve down within a week of each other next February.”

Eamon confirmed that Summer Mastitis had been an issue on the farm in the past.

“But that all changed when I started putting Crystalyx Garlyx feed blocks out with the grazing heifers,” he said.

Fly Repellent Feed Tubs

Crystalyx Garlic has extremely effective fly-repellent properties. One of the most effective ways of making garlic available to stock at grass is courtesy of Crystalyx Garlyx feed blocks. The natural, high-sulphur compounds in garlic act as an insect repellent, which ward off flies and other biting insects. The product has been specifically formulated to deliver what’s known as the Crystalyx effect, essentially maximise animal performance by stimulating forage intakes by up to 15% and forage digestion by as much as 10%. Crystalyx Garlyx also includes a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to balance summer pasture.