Reduce Coughing and Respiratory Irritation This Winter

Crystalyx Easy Breather

Respiratory problems are most frequent in autumn and winter, when calves and sheep can develop respiratory problems shortly after housing. Damp, foggy days during the winter and a persistent damp atmosphere in the shed, supports a much higher level of infectious agents than dry air.

The problem is partly created by the sharing of respiratory organisms when groups are mixed. Cattle and sheep, like all animals, carry bacteria in their respiratory passages. These usually cause no harm, but if the immune response is weakened, the opportunity is given for infection to take hold.

Stress is a major factor in the spread of disease because it reduces the immune response. Livestock can become stressed by such factors as weaning, transportation, housing and/or regrouping, competition for insufficient feed, overcrowding and any management change which causes serious disturbance.

Crystalyx Easy Breather incorporates a high quality MOS (mannan oligosaccharide) which helps bind pathogens in the gut and β glucans which help stimulate a strong immune response giving the livestock a chance to protect themselves against infectious challenges.

Easy Breather allows animals to breathe easily by keeping respiratory passages clear which helps to keep them relaxed. Easy Breather is not intended to be a substitute for good management, but it does provide a powerful, natural aid to help housed animals withstand respiratory challenges.

Extensive trial work has shown Crystalyx Easy Breather significantly reduces the incidence of coughing and respiratory irritation in housed calves and sheep and allows them to regain their appetite after a stress or challenge.

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