Maximise Performance and Fertility


It’s certainly been a great season for grass growth, oodles of the stuff all across the country.  As we have passed the longest day in grass terms the peak has passed and we are on the way down the growth curve.  In quality terms from now on in grass protein levels are generally okay but it is the energy that declines as the season progresses, livestock keeper will be thinking about supplementary feeding.

Given the choice an animal will eat all the good stuff and fill up on grass thus grass dry matter intakes can be reduced and replaced with the concentrates such that any increase in total energy intake will be relatively small. What is needed is a supplementary feed which complements and balances the grass, rather than replacing it.

Supplementing grazed grass with Crystalyx can significantly and economically improve animal performance – both for cattle and sheep.

  • In a trial in Germany, Holstein heifers fed Cattle Booster gained 37kg more liveweight over the course of a 175 day grazing season (0.82kg/day) than control heifers on grass alone (0.60kg/day). Crystalyx intakes averaged 130g/heifer/day
  • In a late summer/autumn trial at Aberystwyth University, 11 month old Holstein x Friesian heifers (240kg liveweight) with access to Cattle Booster gained 0.81kg/day compared to control heifers gaining 0.63kg/day. Crystalyx intakes averaged 108g/heifer/day
  • Trials undertaken at Newcastle University have consistently shown that even with access to plentiful grazing, ewes offered Crystalyx gained an extra 2kg more weight than control ewes, with an average lick intake of only approx. 50g/ewe/day

These results are due to a more efficient rumen fermentation when Crystalyx is fed. Feeding Crystalyx stimulates the rumen bugs, increasing their numbers and making them work harder so they digest forages more effectively and efficiently, this helps improve overall diet digestibility and improves animal performance.

What else can Crystalyx do?

  • In the German trial, the heifers were pregnancy synchronised and AI’d whilst at grass and pregnancy diagnosis undertaken at housing, immediately at the end of the trial. 92% of the heifers fed Crystalyx at grass were pregnant, compared with 80% of the control heifers.
  • A large trial in New Zealand with 319 replacement dairy heifers split into 4 mobs (2 control and 2 fed Crystalyx) showed a 95% pregnancy rate in the control heifers and a 100% pregnancy rate in both Crystalyx groups
  • Results in the Newcastle University trial confirmed 11% increase in live lamb numbers compared to control– all extra twins with no increase in triplet numbers

In the NZ trial, the Crystalyx-fed heifers were also, on average, 4 days further in-calf, meaning they had been served earlier by the bull, suggesting an earlier and stronger oestrus when Crystalyx is fed. In a trial in Sardinia, young growing ewes with access to Crystalyx showed a similar response – ovulating 3 days earlier than controls.

Crystalyx provides all the minerals, trace elements and vitamins needed to balance grass, which is essential for optimum animal performance and health. But the rumen bugs also need minerals to help them digest the grass and the “little and often” trickle feeding system supplied by Crystalyx is an ideal method of ensuring this.

Crystalyx also provides a concentrated source of sugar – important to help maintain rumen digestive efficiency, especially after dull wet weather when grass sugar levels fall dramatically and grazing times can be much shorter.

When it comes to making the best use of grass – Crystalyx really does take some licking!